KPC-SGN Day 9: From Ben Thanh Market To My Sweet Home

It was my last day at Saigon, in fact just another half day. As I wanted very much to have visited the water front at Ton Duc Thang road, so I walked out alone early in the morning at 6:10am to that place. Sun rises up very early in the morning at Saigon.

There was barely anyone on the street in the early morning. I was still dressed up in my pajama and started to walk slowly towards the water front some 1.5 km away. I was passing by the roads that I walked through last night backed to Ben Thanh Market and then I turned westward towards the riverside where the water front was located at. Right in front of the Ben Thanh market, it was a busy and big roundabout. It was really given me a hard time to make myself across the road. There were just too many buses and cars!

As I went closer to the river, the sun rises up high from the skyline. It was right in front of me and I was hardly able to open my eyes. It was getting hotter and I started to sweat so badly =.=

One thing I found that it was very special to Vietnam roads is that there were no pedestrian light at all. People will just cross the road by ignoring the cars on the road and so amazing that the vehicles on the road will slow down to dodge the pedestrian(s). Accident was rare according to our hotel staff. I was doubtful about what she told me at first but after 2 days in the city I found that what she told me was right, as if I should close my eyes and cross the road like that. LoL

Finally I arrived at the water front.

I saw locals were doing some morning walk by the river side and some were playing badminton there. Very healthy life style right?

The sky was so clear that morning.

The Jetty.

The sun was getting so hot and I was damped with sweat. After finished snapping a few pictures around the area, I left the place and heading back to city looking for food :) - my last breakfast in Saigon.

I walked and walked and walked for so long and never realized that I was reaching back at Bui Vien street. I was not able to spot for any good food for my breakie. sigh...

Just when I was about giving up and while walking back to my hotel, I saw this shop which was selling beef noodle soup :D! So I just stopped by and took my breakfast in.

This was the bowl of noodle that I ordered. It tasted SUPERB! Haha... Mission accomplished! Finally before the day I left for home, I found the "legendary" beef noodle soup that I was talking about previously. The taste was so much similar to those I took before at Melb. If not that it was served in a very big portion, I would have ordered for a second bowl :D

I was backed to the hotel and surfing net down at the lobby. We packed our stuff and left the hotel around 2pm to the airport. The taxi fare to airport was kinda cheap - USD 8 only. It was a 30 minutes drive to the airport, I was feeling a bit down as my trip was gonna end tonight.

The last Vietnamese word that I learned - toilet.

So we checked in and waited till 7pm for our flight heading home. We boarded the flight then and the pilot drove us slowly to the runway. Then we were accelerating at full speed and took off from the Saigon airport. Home, I am heading home.

Moment before our plane touch down at KLIA, Malaysia. I took a picture of KL's night view.

We arrived at KLIA around 9:30pm and then I was telling myself that I am backed at home and that marks the end of my Kampuchea-Saigon trip.

It was really an unforgettable trip for me as I had gone through 9 days of different experiences with warm hospitality from the locals. The world is too big for me to cover all on my foot alone. It might be taking me months, years even my entire life to discover every little bit around the world let alone the 9 days I had just gone through. I am really enjoying it and don't plan to stop for long before my next trip. For 2010, my plan is to focus on travel in China - where my root is.

Map below summarizes the route that I took during the trip. Hope that it could be helpful for some other who is heading to a same place :). Thanks for reading up the 9 days travelogue and I hope to bring you guys more in my next trip to Beijing.