BEJ: Olympic Park @ Beijing

After visiting the Great Wall of China (Badaling), we took a returning bus backed to city which dropped us off at the same station we came from on that morning. It was just around 3:30pm in the afternoon and we have got no more plan for the second half of the day. I took out the travel guidebook we bought earlier at Wang Fu Jing Bookstore and trying to look for places to go.

I flipped to the page that it was writing about the Olympic Park and without a second thought I pointed to Elaine that we just go to the park for a walk and photo shooting as well :). Boarded the underground's train, we were heading straight to the Olympic park station which is located right at the entrance to the Olympic park.

We arrived too early at the Olympic park station, my clock was just 5 minutes to 4pm. Well, as the stadium's light will only be turned on after sunset, we have nothing much to do but just simply walking around the park waiting for the sun to go down when the lights will be on. That was said to be the best moment to snap a couple of photos of the stadiums as the lighting was designed to make the stadium appears as 3D right in front of our eyes especially the Aquatic Stadium - The water cube.

After moment of slow walk loitering around the park, we were constantly battling with the strong wind which blow right on our face with the winter chill. I could stand it no more thus we headed to the nearest Mac Donald for a cup of hot coffee and some chips :). Wow, that was like resurrecting my body from the frozen death out there.

Tick ... tick ... tick... wait... wait ... wait ... Yes!!! My watch beeps for 7pm finally!!! We headed out and below are those stadiums that were dressed up with the beautiful lights and presenting their very best right before our eyes!!! Brilliant concrete art works from the Chinese.

As sun sets, the temperature started to drop lower and lower. Worried that it might be snowing again as predicted by the weather forecast we read that morning, we decided to head back to Xuan Wu Men (the area we rented our apartment). Before we walk down to the undergrounds to catch a train, we caught a old couple with westerner's look and asking for their help to take a picture for both of us. My first instinct was to communicate with them in English but to discover that they don't really get what I meant until I show them my camera and pointed to the stadiums as background and repeating the word "photo ... photo" :). Opps, I found out that I was speaking English to Russians LOL ... But well, with my very limited knowledge of sign language, they finally got what I meant and took a beautiful picture of Elaine and Myself as below.

Спасибо, mates!