Sunset @ Bentong Meranti Garden

These pictures were taken at my hometown - Bentong while I was playing with my dog outside my house in the evening last weekend. At one point when I turned myself to the direction of the sun which was setting down, I was hardly able to open my eyes as the sun was just too bright. So I shielded my sight away from the sun using both of my hands and to figure out such a nice view.

The camera that I was using was not able to capture the view as I seen with my eyes. Guess maybe I should consider investing on a high-end digital compact camera such as the Canon Powershot G10 or the Panasonic LX3 as recommended by Anson. But both are kinda expensive, so I am thinking maybe I should learn better photography theories to improve the pictures that I can take with my current low-spec digital camera :). At least for now.