Keropok Lekor @ Terengganu

On our way back home from Kuala Terengganu, we drove along a "high way" along the coastline of Terengganu. It was said to be their main road connecting the northern and the southern region. So we saw a lot of cars along the way. The road was built up with two lanes - one way up and the other down, a typical country side road. Sometimes when we were trailing after some slow moving cars, we needed to be extra careful when over taking them as there are many stalls being setup by the road side selling local products and food. To be honest, the speed they were driving at was too slow, 40 - 50 km/hour. I am guessing that they will be so surprised to see how KL people are driving (brainlessly speeding without thinking of safety). Well, country side style so we can't complain much about it. Slow pace, enjoying life and be happy everyday. I think those are the thing we are looking for in our life.

So let's come back to my story. It is about the Keropok Lekor (fried fish crackers) that we bought at a shop (in malay, they called it "warung") on our way back home on the road I described above. The shop was located at a small town somewhere between Marang and Dungun. Sorry as I could not recall what was the name of the shop. So what is Keropok Lekor? Basically, it is a type of fish cracker made by grinding fish, prawn, squid or a vegetable into a paste, mixing with sago and then deep-frying it. So the end product is called Keropok - which means fish cracker in english.

Other than Keropok, the shop is also selling lots of stuff like dried salted fish/squid and some locally made snacks which is perfect as tea-time food.

This kind of shop is normally run by a family with all the members helping out on daily business. Women from the family will take on the role to prepare food while then men will help out at the front desk serving customers, doing cashier job as well as all the other routines. Children will help out in the shop during holidays too.

The raw keropok was being boiled in the hot water before it was being deep fried. I don't really understand the process of making this tasty delicacy, there must be a reason for them to do so. Well, I am just guessing :).

The one we got in this shop was called Keropok Lekor. So what is the difference if it comes with a word "lekor"? Generally it is tasted like normal Keropok but only different from the way it was cut - in a longer and thicker slice. So after it was deep fried in oil, it will become so chewy due to the reason that it was thickly cut. Unlike those thinly cut slices will become so crispy when is was fried.

Normally, Keropok Lekor is served together with a kind of dipping sauce - home made chilly sauce as you can see in pictures below. About the taste, it was superb! The one that we got was freshly prepared (about 5 minutes ago) and it was still hot when we were enjoying this tasty and chewy snack in our car. So by eating together with the chilly sauce provided, that really makes it a perfect brunch for both of us.

If you have a chance to drive on this road, please pay attention on both sides of the road while you are driving. Try to spot for any sign board with "Keropok Lekor" written on it. Stop by the road side and give it a try on this local delicacy. You will not be regret for spending 5 - 10 minutes stop as the food that you get here will definitely make your journey an unforgetable one!