Duyong Seafood Restaurant @ Cherating, Terengganu

I couldn't remember for how many times I have been to this restaurant. I only been able to recall that the first time I have been there was through the hospitality of my aunt who was staying at Chukai town, some 7-10 kilometers away from Cherating beach. And my last few visits to Cherating were together with my family as father likes to bring us to Cherating for a walk during weekend if so happen that he was off from work (as from my home town Bentong to Cherating is only around 2 hours drive and that was measured by his speed).

So let's come back to the restaurant - Duyong Seafood Restaurant. It is located right at the left hand corner of the Cherating long beach, which is stretching more than a kilometer long. Just to give you a view of how Cherating beach looks like.

Panorama view of Cherating Beach.

So the restaurant was built in the shape of a traditional malay house's architecture, which is a wooden building built about 1 meter rise up from the ground. We called these "Rumah Tradisional Melayu" or traditional malay house in english. The owner of the Duyong restaurant is a chinese decendant who has been living in Terangganu state for many years (sounds as if I know him :p).

But anyway, the restaurant is serving seafood cuisines cooked in malaysian-chinese style. But please do not get me wrong when I say malaysian-chinense style of cooking, the food that they are serving there is 100% halal. So no worries for muslims. In terms of variety on seafood, they do serve most of the common seafood like fish, prawn, crab, squid and different types of clams. And nowadays they even serve western cuisines in order to accommodate the rising number of western tourists to this relaxing beach. That really makes it a perfect place to settle lunch or dinner for every family who is visiting Cherating, given with the variety of food that they are serving.

As only 2 of us were taking lunch, so we only ordered 3 dishes out of so many choices on the menu. Let's check out the food that we took.

we ordered 2 coconut drinks.

Claypot crab with glass noodle.

Butter Squid.

Mixed vege.

If you are traveling to Cherating or passing by the place one day, I highly recommend this restaurant to you guys not because I know the owner but the seafood and beautiful sea view here is really making it a good place to take a short break and fill up your stomach.

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