Environmental Protectionist @ Redang

Just when everyone was enjoying snorkel around the reefs @ giant rock nearby our resort or having fun at the beach, Elaine and I went for a walk along the long coast line of Redang. It was a long long beach stretching around 1 - 1.5 km maybe. The powdery white beach together with the gentle waves washing up on the shore, we were really enjoying the slow walk. Not until we stepped on something on the beach, we found out that it was a cigarette box being dumped on the beach. I felt so embarassed with the behaviour of our "lovely" Malaysians. So we decided to take some pictures of what kind of rubbish that we can find on the beach. After the amazing natural beauty post of Redang just two days ago, I wanted to show you guys in micro-level how the beach looks like nowaday. And please don't be surprised by what you will see in the pictures below... All of them were seen in our daily life except one ---.

Empty Cigarette box, thanks to our smoker's generation.

You will not be surprised to find a lot of cigarette butts around the beach as our smokers were not educated enough to learn to throw these ciggy butts into dustbin.

So ciggy always come with a drink or two. Not so surpirse to see some beer cans around.

With beers, we needed some snacks too... Here it is, the Mamee snack noodle plastic bag.

Chewing gum container.

So these are the evidence of our "animal's loving" nation. Why? Those people used to bring breads in a plastic bag to sea when they do snorkeling to attract fishes with food. So after the breads are finished, they just dumb the bag to the sea. And these are the bags that being washed up to the shore.

Now you can see what our lovely tourists were doing on the beach - with the syringe. Well I don't want to make a wild guess, so maybe you can imagine for me.

This really shows that our moral education failed, so badly. I thought we were taught about morals, good attitude and behaviour since we were young. But you can still see people throw rubbish on the floor even the dustbin was right next to him. Well, we need extra hours of tuition to teach everyone about cleanliness and environmental protection.

Please fella malaysians, here I am highlighting these to you all with the hope that to raise your environmental protection awareness. If we want to preserve this beautiful powdery white beach together with crystal clear water for our next generations, do something please and do it in a proper way. Don't dumb rubbish on the beach as if it is a junkyard. Save the island, save the beach, save the animals and save our mother earth!


Carbon said...

About the trash problem, we have very similar problem here too in Thailand...that's really sad but let us look to the brighter future! Good luck

Michael & Elaine said...

Yea, that is right.We must grab all these ppl back for moral re-education!