Funny Stuff @ Redang Island Trip

Just when I was arranging the pictures that we took at Redang and busy editing it, I found a couple of funny pictures which I think it's worth to share with everyone.

So, the first picture is - the GIANT lizard that scared the hell out of Elaine. Anyway, I knew for long that she is scared of lizard but this one was simply too big for the size of a house lizard. Normal size for a house lizard would be around 10-15 centimeters. But this one can really been considered the "giant kong" among house lizards. It was around foot long!!! We were being foretold by Jack that there was a GIANT lizard in his room just moment before we seen it. So he was telling us not to be scared by it if we see it somewhere in our room later. So when he was telling me "giant" I was just thinking about like a 15 centimeters kind of thing. But when it came out to be a foot long, it really scared the shit out from my pant too... lol!

Here comes the second picture. On our last day at Redang, we had a morning walk along the beach while waiting for sun rise. And right a the tip of the giant rock which was separating the long Redang beach into two parts, to my surprise that I saw someone was actually climbed up to the giant rock to snap pictures of sun rises up from a taller "platform". Respect! His dedication and adventurous mentality for better shots were really something we should immitate in facing our challenges in life!

Now, comes the third picture. Have you ever seen a real pyramid before? To be specific, have you ever seen a real pyramid before with your own eyes in Malaysia? Hmm, I bet most of the answers are - NO. People would be asking if I have gone crazy to claim that there is a pyramid in our country. Well, don't get me wrong. That was not a real pyramid that I mean, but something that look just like a pyramid from far exists in Malaysia. To prove it, check these two pictures below. During our boat ride backed from Redang to Merang Jetty, we saw such a spectacular view - a pyramid like mountain at somewhere near Merang.

So, I always try to save the best for the last. Well, you might be thinking what could it be. First picture I was talking about animal. Second was about the sun rise and the third was about a pyramid-like mountain. So what could it be for the last one? Well, my hints are - something heroic, something fast and pacey, something which looks like a stunt action, something adventurous, something seemingly impossible to normal people...

Haha...Please don't get me wrong, he was not a Marvel Super Hero but a Mat Rempit from Terengganu :p...

Close up look for you guys to enjoy his "stunt"!

This guy was actually driving at a speed of more than 150 km/hour, with his Yamaha RX-Z (125cc). I found it hard to trail after him even when I was driving at a speed of 140 km/hour. OMG! This guy was really crazy for speed and I really can't understand what was on his mind. A slight miss will defintely cost his life at such a high speed. Yet, this is a live example of how reckless our drivers become nowadays.