Redang Pelangi Resort

It was taking longer time than I firstly expected to blog about the event. Many editing tasks needed to be done before I can post the pictures as well as the writing about the party in detail. So, for time being let me share with you guys about my accommodation during my stay at Redang Island. The organizer of the beach party had booked the whole Redang Pelangi Resort just for this event, so meaning no other guest around the resort other than us. If not mistaken they even booked another 1/3 of the rooms of the neighboring resort as just Pelangi resort alone couldn't house all of us. So please imagine the size of the group, I think it was around 200 of us. Wasn't it a pretty big group?

Anyway, here are the pictures of the resort. The stage being setup specially for this musical beach party. It was setup temporarily behind the juice bar.

Dive & Snorkelling Center of Pelangi resort. The staff there were so friendly especially the one from dive center as he was explaining to me so detail regarding the diving packages being offered the itineraries. (I even saw that guy giving his girl a "french style" kind of kiss on the night after the party ended. Romantic right? Sorry dude, I was not meant to peep at you two but so happen that I was there :p lol...)

Sleeping rooms from outside. One of the thing that I missed out was that I forgot to take a picture of the room from inside =.=

Canteen - where we had all of our meals, be it breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and even supper. Breads, biscuits and drinks were being supply 24 hours a day, so no worries if you get hungry in the night. Just go down to the canteen and fill up your stomach with hot drinks and few pieces of toasts.

Resting/social area right at the middle of the resort. Perfect place to hide away from the afternoon burning sun as it was well protected under the shades of trees. Nice place to have your afternoon sleep as well, if only you don't mind others watching while you are asleep.

Juice bar which is opened from 6pm till late. The place that you can get your drinks and have some nice chatting with gang after a day out at the sea. Here they even provide facilities like pool table as well as Foosball table for you to have a game or two during night time as not much entertainment on the island during the night.

Beach volley ball as well as soccer facilities are being provided. Just go to the reception and ask rent for a ball then you guys can start your game immediately.

Generally the resort staff were so friendly during our stay and some of them were even quite helpful. Just a little complain about the snorkeling guide who brought us to the Marine park for a morning snorkel. I did not really like his way of conducting briefing to the gang as he was like mumbling to himself. The excuse that he gave was that he was still drunk after last night heavy drink during the party. I feel that he should have at least explain to the gang about some of the safety guidelines while snorkel around the lagoon. He should at least give some rough guide of what to see at different areas around the park. Not many from the group on that morning experienced snorkeling before, so I do feel that safety guidelines such as do not swim over the line after the jetty and how to wear your life jacket properly would help a lot. So not to wait until something bad happened only we realized that we did not follow the normal procedures and start to regret about it. By the time, it would have been too late.

And a little advise to the people who is joining up a snorkeling trip. Please be punctual with the scheduled leaving time. If your guide told you that the group will be leaving at - say 11:30am, please be punctual and try to get yourself ready to go at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time. This is to avoid the rest of the group from non-sense waiting for 1 or 2 people who is not punctual. Same thing happened to us during our morning trip to the Marine park. There were 2 of them who did not pay attention to the time and continue to snorkel while the rest of the group already boarded the returning boat. So a 20 minutes wait for the 2 of them caused a bad jam around the jetty area as most of the group will try to leave the Marine park before 12pm so to back to resort on time for lunch. So, their irresponsibility did not just causing a bad jam around the jetty but also made those on a same boat to wait for them and were late for lunch.