Checklist for Cambodia - Vietnam Trip

Just when I look at the calendar on my door, I realized that just 5 more days to go and I will be heading off to Cambodia to start my Indo-China trip. So over the weekend, I was busy preparing a check list of items to bring for the trip. And Elaine and I spent the whole weekend to prepare stuff listed on the check list as below:

  • International Passport (Malaysian)
  • Foreign Currency (USD) of $450
  • 65 litres Heavy Duty Backpack (Camel Active)
  • 15 litres Light Backpack (High Sierra)
  • Digital Compact Camera
  • Map (Travel Guides Book)
  • Log/note book
  • Flight E-tickets
  • Guesthouse Reservation printouts (Addresses & Contacts)
  • Hygiene Masks x 10 pcs
  • Achohol-based Hand Wash (50 ml)
  • L.E.D Torch Light (length x 10cm)
  • Rain Coat x 2 (disposable)
  • Panadol(s)/Alka Swetzer
  • Handiplast x 10 pcs
  • Pil for diarhea x 10 pcs
  • Bath items (shampoo, soap, cleanser, tooth brush + paste, towel)
  • Body product (comb, Body Talc & Deodorant)
  • Plastic bags x 5 pcs
Additional Items recommended by Isaac:
  • Cap
  • Slipper
  • Diarhea drinks
  • Disposable Underwears

Just in case I have missed out on anything, please let me know lol... I am really looking forward to see with my own eyes how amazing the Angkor ruin is :). But at a same time, I am a little bit worried about my travel partners. One is down with flu syndrome, hope that he will recover in time for the trip. Whereas the other girl is kind of like not really excited about the trip at all as she did not even bother on what kind of arrangement/plan that we have for the trip. I am not sure if she will be showing up at the airport this coming weekend. Well as usual, I will just ensure that I will have a pleasant journey and memorable trip without being affected by these not so important issues.