KPC-SGN Day 8: Cuchi Tunnel - For The Heroes of Saigon

Good that I was backed to the city on a clean bed without lice for last night :) ... Throughout the night, I was checking on my bed and try to feel if anything was biting me. Ended up I concluded that Tuan Ahn Guest House is safe and a real good place to stay in. I will give it 100 marks if only the water pressure was stronger from the shower head in bathroom.

Early morning I woke up at 6:30 am and went down and have a morning walk around Bui Vien street. We did not really walk around it last night as all were too tired and we went to bed moment after dinner. My energy was at the lowest level ever! After a good sleep last night, I was recharged and felt so fresh in the morning. There were lots of people on the street early morning. First thing that caught my attention was the electric lines as seen in the picture below. I bet the electrician will not know which line to fix if any of it fails.

Local butcher shop off Bui Vien road.

I was curious what the woman was doing there from far. I was approaching slowly and I discovered that she was char grilling some pork and chicken chops. Wow, it smells so good and made my stomach started to growl =.=

We signed up for a day trip to the Cuchi Tunnel - one of the main attraction in Saigon. It was a half day tour to the tunnel and we will be backed to the city around 2 in the noon. We was waiting down there at our guest house's lobby for the tour agent to come and pick us up. He came around 8 and we boarded his bus and head towards the tunnel. The tour agent was called Joey if I was not wrong. He was a funny viet and the way he speaks was so heavy with viet accent. He reminded me of one of my Vietnamese mate Minh during my study at Melbourne. He used to have a same accent like Joey :). How are you Minh?

We were stopped at one of the handy craft factory for 30 minutes half way to Cuchi tunnel. Nothing special there so no picture for you guys. After some 1:30 hours drive from the city, we were there at Cuchi tunnel. The ticket to Cuchi was around 75000 dong, roughly 4 USD. So there we go, through the tunnel which looks like a time tunnel into Cuchi.

We were watching the documentary about the Cuchi history and Joey explained to us how the tunnels were linked up together and how vast the land it covers underground. Trust me, he was real good in "lecturing" lol ...

One of the entrance to the tunnel. According to Joey, most of the tunnels were not opened to tourists as there were just too many traps inside. Any one of those traps can easily cost one of your leg or hand, some can take your life in split second. So it was too dangerous for us to go in. We were only allowed to take picture from outside and peep into it.

There was 2 tunnels that were opened to tourist. One is the 7 meters long tunnel for you to experience the total darkness underground in the tunnel. It was more like a warm up track for us. The other tunnel was one that been clean up and installed with air condition. So that one was a long tunnel which will take like 5-10 minutes to complete the track. I was only able to take one picture in the tunnel as too many people were following me at my back and more were queuing up at the entrance hole. I was constantly pushed from the back by people as I stopped by to take a picture. Just to give you a view of how it was inside the tunnel, WET & DARK!

It was a hot day. I ended up with my body all wet as i was damped with sweat =.=! I was thinking how those people survived so long underground during the war time? I would have suffocated if asked to stay inside for 1 hour! So the Cuchi tunnel trip finished around 2pm and we were backed in the city. I asked the driver to drop us by the War museum. It was the last day for us in Saigon, so I just planned to do a city tour by foot to visit some of the landmarks here :). One street down from the war museum, we reached at the reunification building.

So further down the streets, we reached at the famous church in Saigon. So sorry that I forgot about it's name =.=

The post office of Saigon. It was more like it was opened for tourists than for locals to do mailing. They were selling so many souvenirs inside and I hardly seen a local inside other than the staff =.=

It was a bout to rain as the sky turned so dark. So we left with no choice but to cut short the route. We headed straight back to Ben Thanh market - place for us to grab our souvenirs. So it was just like another market in Saigon, nothing special. We were so lucky that as soon as we entered the building, it started to rain :). Think god must have delayed the rain until we safely entered the building :), lucky!

So it was already 6pm in the evening, we ended our city tour as those were all the places we were able to cover in 4 hours before sun set. We walked backed to Bui Vien streets which was very near to Ben Thanh market. So that ended our second day at Saigon.

This one was the shop I saw during my morning walk. It was located at the end of Bui Vien road. So I was separated from my mates that night for dinner and I went to one of the stall by roadside and took a bowl of beef noodle. After dinner, I was just walking around the area and left with nothing to do. I stopped by this shop and went in for a drink as I wanna get my stomach full with Saigon beer as it was my last night in Saigon :).

Six Saigon beers for that night. I sat there for like 2 hours if not mistaken. The green one tasted smoother and better. Try the green one if you are going to Saigon. It was called Saigon Xanh if not mistaken :).

I ordered the deep fried dried squids for a bite. It goes so well with beer :) ... yummy yummy!

The dried squid that I was eating :p

I was feeling a bit lost as I know that I will be heading home tomorrow and back to the real world. Sigh, I stopped myself from thinking about it and keep stuffing my mouth with beer or food. I don't really care how work is gonna be, how my job is gonna be, how my boss thinks about me and how much I hate about my job... I just wanna have fun now. One more Saigon beer please, sexy :D!